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Generally, the Association will not release membership information to any entity for commercial or personal use, Ordinarily, current paid members receive a copy of a member roster in order to enhance normal law enforcement related operations by providing contact information for other analysts.[1]

There is an online directory available to members only, and it contains e-mail addresses. If you do not want others to see your e-mail address, you can use one from Hotmail or Google Mail and just not check it, or you can contact the webmaster at SCCIAA-webmaster-e-mail-address.png and they can update your profile information to hide the e-mail address. (Note Hotmail and Google Mail are just used as examples. The SCCIAA does not endorse any particular e-mail service provider.)

Most of the content on this site is for members only and therefore requires one to sign in before viewing it. This, however, does not guarantee the security of any information posted to this site - if you must post sensitive information, use a secure site such as LEO or Cybercop.


  1. SCCIAA bylaws, Article VI section 6.07
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