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Los Angeles Police Department - Crime and Intelligence Analyst Exam

12 Aug 2021 1:54 PM | Kelley Booth (Administrator)

The City of Los Angeles Police Department will be having an exam for Crime and Intelligence Analysts soon.  The exam is expected to open at the end of September 2021.  By taking this exam, candidates will get on a list in order to be interviewed for open Crime and Intelligence Analyst positions. 

If you would like to sign up to be notified about the exam, please click on the "more info" button below.


A Crime and Intelligence Analyst researches, compiles, analyzes, and maps crime trends and patterns; disseminates information related to criminal activity; assists patrol, investigative, and administrative staff in planning the deployment of resources for the prevention, intervention, and suppression of criminal activities; acts as liaison to all Los Angeles Police Department and neighboring law enforcement Crime Analysis Details; may act as lead analyst; and performs related work.


A Crime and lntelligence Analyst is involved with the specialized technical nature of crime analysis and develops specialized reports based on the use of numerous computerized criminal history systems to analyze crime trends. Crime and lntelligence Analysts may act as lead workers and assign and review the work of other Crime and lntelligence Analysts and support personnel. Assignments are received in general terms and work is reviewed in terms of results obtained.


1. Two years of full-time paid professional experience in a class at least at the level of  Management Assistant performing duties in researching, compiling and analyzing crime trends and patterns in a law enforcement agency; or

2.  Graduation from a recognized four-year college or university and completion of a Certificate Program in Crime and Intelligence Analysis from a recognized college or university.


$59,487 to $86,965 and $70,157 to $102,563


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